Community Entry Signs

Our community entry signs are in need of some repair. As a board we decided not to replace the white aluminum strip or the green metal strip that existed on 4 of the 8 signs because of continual cost and maintenance. The bronze signs are scheduled to be refurbished this winter or early spring. In order to do this they need to be removed.

NEW Entry Sign Design


2013 – Present – Weekly or biweekly summer landscaping depending on the area.

In 2020 we got approved by the City of Edmonton and a motion was made at the AGM to distribute planters in designated areas throughout our community as shown by the map below. The board have selected the White Granite, Boulevard 28 planter made by Equinox.

2020 Planters Placement

Fence Painting

2012-2015 – Fence painting was a phased project scheduled to be redone every 10 years.

2019- We have got a full report on the amount of fence The Grange has was done as well as current state. Can you believe there is 11, 408 linear square feet? We are looking at starting painting sections of the fence in 2020.

Entrance Behind Grant Way Update

Fence 14 is behind Grant Way and many of the residence along this street wanted an entrance to improve access to the cross walks, ETS and the store . We got signatures, sent a proposal to the City and it got voted against in the 2019 AGM. The reason it got voted against was the fear of increased traffic and crime.

Mulch Replacement

2013, 2014, 2016, 2018 & 2019 – Mulch replacement was a phased project scheduled to be redone every 6 years.


2016 – Development of Banners placed in the entrances of The Grange community.

Banner Project with the Glastonbury Community League

Black Knot Awareness Project

2019 – Black Knot is a fungal infection that affects the tree health in our community. If you see a tree with this fungus please print out this page on behalf of the GHOA and provide it to the community member. Thank you!