Pay Annual Membership Fees

When the community of The Grange was first established, an encumbrance was registered against each lot to allow for the establishment of a neighbourhood homeowners association.  The Grange Homeowners Association (GHOA) is comprised of all registered owners within The Grange area registered under that encumbrance.

The encumbrance allows the Board of Directors of the GHOA to collect a fee from all residents where encumbrances have been registered.  The GHOA Board of Directors sets the amount and use of those fees with input from the community members.

What are the current fees?

Association Fees for the 2020 fiscal year are as follows:

  • Houses – $90.00/year
  • Condo Units – $45.00/year

Fees for 2020 are due on March 15, 2020. If they are not paid by this date a $30.00 administration fee will be added to the amount owing.

Should you have question concerning the Homeowners Association or the fee, please direct you questions to

Paying by E-Transfer

Following the instructions below very carefully: Note: this is new since August, 2019:

  • All e-transfer payments must be emailed to
  • No security password is required. To ensure the e-transfer gets credited to your account in messages put your <name & address> (e.g. John Doe, 1, 2004 Grantham Drive or 1086 Grantham Drive) Make sure if you live in a condo you put the unit number.
  • If your personal information has changed please update it in the contacts page on this website.

Paying by Cheque or Money Order

  • Payable To: “The Grange Homeowners Association”
  • Mail to:
    The Grange Homeowners Association
    Suite #458, 17008-90th Avenue
    Edmonton, Alberta T5T 1L6
  • Kindly indicate your invoice number or address of the home you are paying the fee for within the memo section of the cheque.
  • Include the remittance slip at the bottom of your invoice and update any personal information.

Credit Card via CommuniBee App

  • CommuniBee App – 2020 fees will be decided by November 18, 2019
    • Download CommuniBee App – Apple / Android
    • Sign- up for an account
    • Select The Grange Homeowners Association
    • Click Annual Fees
    • Choose House or Condominium so you pay the correct amount
    • Click Auto renew option so you never have to worry about paying your GHOA fees again
    • Extra service charge of $5.00 will be added to annual fees to cover service charges from Stripe