Community Welcome

The Grange Homeowners Association would like to welcome you to the community. We are excited to see the community continue to develop and are pleased that so many people have chosen to make The Grange their place to call home. We look forward to sharing this great community with you.

The Grange is ideally situated within the Glastonbury neighbourhood and it stretches along the north and south sides of Guardian Road west of 199 Street.

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Why were we created?

The Grange Homeowners Association (GHOA) was formed as part of the community development to collect funds so that the general public areas could be maintained.

The GHOA intends to provide immediate value to its members through the development and maintenance of common areas within our community and representation to the City of Edmonton on issues of interest to all Grange residents.  The intention is to go beyond the limited and infrequent grounds maintenance provided by the City in an attempt to elevate and promote The Grange.  Painting the exterior fences, replacement of mulch, and landscaping of the common areas are just a few examples of the accomplishments we have achieved. For more information on projects please refer to our project updates page of this website.

Construction in The Grange

Brookfield residential is finally starting to build single family homes both detached and attached. 

What to expect:

May– leveling of the land

June-services will be extended to this area

July/August-roads will be built

NOTE: Grantham Drive will be extended into the Granville community.