What are the current fees?

Per the notice mailed to all owners in early January, The Grange annual homeowner association fees are coming due. To help save money please sign up for Condo Genie and agree to have future invoices sent electronically.

The Grange Homeowners Association Fee for 2023 is:

  • Houses – $100.00/year including GST
  • Condo Units – $50.00/year including GST

Payments are required to be made no later than March 15, 2023. If payment is not received by March 15, the following will occur:

  • First notice mailed to the owner April 1 at cost of $10.00
  • Second notice sent to the owner June 1 at cost of $15.00
  • Final notice sent to the owner August 1 at a cost of $25.00
  • Should payment of fees and additional charges not be settled your account will be sent to Priority Credit Management and you will no longer be dealing with the GHOA in regard to account payments. If you have been sent to collections, please contact them directly at 780-643-2168.

For those of you who have already arranged payment, thank you. For those who still need to settle 2023 fees, please read the below.

It is imperative that ALL information be provided to accurately apply payment to the correct address. Should the required information not be provided, or payment instructions not followed, the owner will be liable for any and all fees associated. This includes but is not limited to bank fees, mail charges, administrative costs, legal expenses, collection rates, interest accrued, etc.

Payment via E-Transfer:

Should you wish to pay via e-transfer, funds are to be sent to¬†etransfers@thegrangecommunity.ca. Please ensure your message indicates the owner’s name, email, phone number, mailing address, and HOA address. Your question should be The Grange HOA and the password should be thegrange1.

  • Message: John Smith, jsmith@email.com, 234-567-8901, 123 Mainstreet Edmonton, 1 Grant Way NW
  • Question: The Grange HOA
  • Password: thegrange1

Payment via Cheque:

Cheques are to be mailed to PO Box 73032, RPO Hampton, Edmonton, AB T5T 3X1. Please ensure the memo on the cheque indicates HOA dues for your HOA address and a letter is enclosed indicating owner’s name, email, phone number, and mailing address.

Payment via Credit Card:

Payments made by credit card will be processed through Stripe. Name, email, phone number, mailing address, and HOA address are required to be inputted. Please be aware that credit card payments include an additional processing fee.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding payment methods, please contact The Grange Homeowners Association at 780-665-4712.

The GHOA thanks you for keeping your account current. Please see the Projects Page for our planned 2023 projects.

How and why Fees are charged

The Grange Homeowners Association (GHA) was established in early 2000 by the Developer to own, operate and maintain the common facilities of the Grange Community by registering an encumbrance against each lot and unit title in the Grange area.   As such, all registered owners in the Grange area are members of The Grange Homeowners Association (GHA) and are bound by the obligations of the encumbrance.

At the beginning of each year, the elected Board of Directors of the GHA determines costs for ongoing community maintenance, administration, projects for the current year, and a reasonable reserve for future costs. A budget is established and the annual fee is set. Each property subject to the encumbrance, and by extension the current registered owner(s), receives notice of the fee set for the current year.

Why do we charge GST on Fees

In 2020, our Auditor for the fiscal year of 2019, Cass & Fraser Chartered Professional Accountants, determined that the GHA should collect/remit GST since GHA revenues had exceeded the $50K threshold. To ensure that we were doing everything correctly, and in the best interests of our members, the Board consulted our legal advisors at Parlee McLaws LLP. On their recommendation, we engaged BDO Canada LLP, whose tax attorney confirmed, that as a Homeowners Association, we were bound by CRA regulations to collect/remit GST. BDO also worked on our behalf to obtain our GST number, complete the necessary paperwork to CRA and determine any outstanding GST from prior years. As of this date (2022-02-01), we have not received an updated reconciliation from CRA. Funds have been reserved accordingly.

Understanding the process when your account gets sent to collections:

Priority Credit Management Stages & Fees

Priority Credit Management Fees and Stages link

Fees by Priority Credit Management are subject to change without notice.