The Grange Homeowners Association:

  • Enhances basic services and amenities provided by the City of Edmonton (e.g. mulch, weed control, tree pruning)
  • Governed by the Societies Act
  • Non Profit
  • Board of Directors in place
  • Mandatory Membership

Glastonbury Community League

  • Community League mandate is more event-based (e.g. swimming, skating, green shack, soccer, yoga)
  • Some development amenities (e.g. playgrounds, water parks, basketball courts)
  • Represent the community on matters of interest to appropriate order of government and other organizations (e.g. traffic issues, crime prevention, new developments)
  • Non Profit
  • Volunteer Membership
  • Board of Directors in place
  • For more information visit the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues

The City of Edmonton

  • In the context of a neighbourhood, the city enforces bylaws (e.g noise, excessive noxious weeds on resident lands, sidewalk snow removal, permits, traffic) and traffic-related matters (e.g speeding, crosswalks, shortcutting)
  • “Owners” of common land
  • Elected officials
  • Issues: Call 311 or use the 311 app