Denise Forwick-Whalley

I  have lived in The Grange community since 2008 and have a passion for improving the aesthetics of our community.  I have been on this board since 2018 in various roles and hope to pass my knowledge onto new board members. 

Angelica Sanchez
Vice President

 I love and admire the beauty of nature, the balance between natural elements, flora, and fauna. I believe this balance can be found in The Grange community, I hope to support the board of directors in continuing to maintain this at The Grange. 


Bill Ball
I have lived in The Grange since 2011 and I love this community. Both our HOA and the Glastonbury community league have worked to maintain the aesthetics, natural areas and features that make this area of Edmonton so desirable.
Without the substantial efforts of the volunteer board members our subdivision would be less desirable and our properties would slowly devalue, and like many of you my home is my largest asset.
We are your neighbours and we are doing our very best, but we need your support.
Adam Coleman
Don Jones
Privacy Officer & Director At Large

Don Jones has been a resident of the Grange community since 2013 when he moved to Edmonton from Fort McMurray, when he retired after teaching school for over 30 years.  He likes to get involved in the local community so he volunteers with several organizations.

Perla Azul
Director at Large

I’m a resident of The Grange community since 2008 and happy to be a part of it! I greatly appreciate the hard work and planning that our HOA Board and volunteers do. Hopefully, our community upkeep and beautification projects will continue to thrive with the wonderful support of our residents. If you have any ideas or suggestions for our HOA, please feel free to reach out!