It is important to understand The Grange Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions as they describe the rights and obligations of each owner and those of the association itself.

Please be advised that all owners of real property are legally bound by the restrictive covenants registered on their title, regardless of whether their property was specifically referenced in the original restrictive covenant agreement. Under the Land Titles Act (Alberta) restrictive covenants and other registrations on title run with the land and apply equally to all new titles issued on subdivision. Restrictive covenants, by nature, impact the use of land for the benefit of others. Owners are advised to review the title to their property to determine any restrictive covenants affecting their property and what their obligations or rights are under the restrictive covenant agreement registered on their title.

How to find the Restrictive Covenant attached to your property?

  1. Find your address on the Restrictive Covenant Address and Stage Description document below. NOTE: Not all addresses are listed in the original restrictive covenant agreement. If you cannot find your address refer to your land title and the stage with restrictive covenant number will be listed under encumbrances.
  2. Look at the stage your address is categorized in. For example, Stage 3A, 3B, 5 etc.
  3. Look under the Stages with Restrictive Covenant Number. The number listed on this document will match the Restrictive Covenant on your Land Titles Certificate.

Stages with Restrictive Covenant Number

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Restrictive Covenant?

To provide enhancement of the community over the years to come, restrictive covenants in many communities in Edmonton have been registered against all single-family lots.  Restrictive covenants include restrictions on roofing materials that are permitted and required that all fence constructed by residents be constructed in accordance with the design identified in the restrictive covenants.  For more information check out the header,  “Restrictive Covenants” on this website.  

Is there a specific shingle I need to use when replacing my roof?

The goal of The Grange is maintain aesthetic appeal and replace shingles with a like color.

Both metal and asphalt shingles will be accepted as long as they are a similar style and color to what you currently have on your current roof.

Here are some examples of shingles current homeowners have used:

  1. BP Mystique 42 – Beachwood
  2. IKO Cambridge – Driftwood
  3. IKO Dynasty – Driftshake
  4.  Owens Corning Duration – Driftwood

Please check with the GHOA should you have any questions about the type or color of shingles you are required to use.



Is there colour I need to use when painting the fence in The Grange community?

Yes, there is a colour that you are required to use when painting your exterior fence:

  • Stain Colour by Cloverdale Paint, Grange Green No. 9901052
  • Stain Colour by Dulux Paint, Grange Green No. 2021

If you are painting fences, please ensure they are the right colour.
Having a unified fence colour is a large part of what keeps our neighbourhood cohesive and appealing.


Is there a Restrictive Covenant on the design of garage I build?

Yes, the design of a garage must comply with the following:

  1. Garages are to conform to the principle building in terms of color, style, and materials
  2. Garages shall be a maximum of 41 square meters
  3. Garages shall not exceed 3.85 meters in height.  The height is the vertical distance between the horizontal plane through grade and horizontal plane at the highest point  of the garage
  4. The roof of the garage shall be Gable or Cottage style with a minimum pitch of 3/12
  5. At the time of approval of the principle building, the site for the garage shall be clearly demarcated on the site and on the plan

Is there a fence design I need to follow when replacing my exterior fence?

Yes, there is a specific design you need to follow when replacing your exterior fence.

  1.  Wood Screen – The Grange- Design Guidelines Wood
  2. Chain Link –The Grange- Design Chain Link

Installation Clarification

Residents who have a black vinyl chain link fence at the rear of their lot that was installed by The Developer can either have a wood screen fence or black vinyl chain link fencing installed on the side yard of residential lots.  Only Stages 10A, 10B, 10C, 15, 16 have chain link fences built by The Developer.

Please also refer to the City of Edmonton BUILDING A FENCE OR PRIVACY SCREEN for more information before fence replacement or repair.

How do I know which Restrictive Covenant applies to my property?

There are two ways you can figure out which Restrictive Covenant applies to your property:

  1. Looking for your Restrictive Covenant that applies to your property on your Land Titles Certificate.
    1. Under the section Encumbrances, Liens & Interests look for the number that will match the Stages of the Restrictive Covenant located on the Restrictive Covenant page under Properties on this website.
      • For example, if you open this  Land Title Document you will see an example of an actual Land Title Certificate.  The registration number on the Land Titles Document is circled in red. In this case, the Restrictive Covenant is 022 373 348-Stage RF5(Pheasant Pointe2004).  Try finding it on the Restrictive Covenant page.
  2. Utilize the stages of development:
    1. Open the Restrictive Covenant Address and Stage Description document on the Restrictive Covenant page under Properties on this website.
    2. Look for your address and stage of development.  For example, 1086 Grantham Drive is under Stage 22.
    3. Then look for the stages of the Restrictive Covenant, the number attached to the stage is what will be in your Land Titles Certificate.  For the above address, it would be 042051330-Stage 22.